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Our future is clearly dependent upon our ability to transmit from generation to generation the stories, accomplishments, organization, values and spiritual beliefs of our unique culture in order to reconstruct it as a foundation for the building of a New World.

Sankofa is a West African icon symbolizing the act of looking to the past in preparation for the future, i.e., “Return and Retrieve It.”

Sankofa was established in 1993 as a non-traditional educational enrichment program to motivate African-American high school students to pursue solutions to the historical challenges of their ancestors in order to apply the same critical analysis to the current circumstances of their own lives.
The Sankofa program surveys African and African-American history to affirm the self-worth of its participants and to increase their level of self and group knowledge.

The Nguzo Saba (Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity and Faith) is the value system Sankofa uses to identify significant historical challenges of Africans and African-Americans for which the students are encouraged to pursue critically thought-out solutions. Sankofa students are then inspired to apply the same critical analysis to various circumstances and events affecting their own lives.

Whereas, Sankofa achieves its mission as stated above, each graduate of the program is expected to:

Possess evolving life skills such as: active listening, patience, humility, cooperation and stamina.
Students will be exposed to the critical aspects of our existence over a period of five years through interactive discussions, projects, monthly cultural journeys, analysis of contemporary and controversial films, lecture topics and direct contact with elders of the community.

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