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Sankofa Creed
I am an African-American. I am an African, a
descendant of the original Man and Woman of the
Earth, the Founders of civilization.
I am mentally and physically disciplined to study and
Work hard, as I grow into a critical thinker
for African People and ultimately the world.
As I am challenged on my path toward my goals,
I persevere and endure until I accomplish them.
I live my life standing tall, for justice, for respect
and for dignity.
I work with my brothers and my sisters
For Total Freedom for Africans on the Continent
and in the Diaspora.

Coach Creed
I respect your uniqueness as an asset.
I provide an environment for you to problem solve, communicate,
reason and express your creativity.
I provide lessons that are demanding, rich and challenging.
I exhibit high energy.
I see each day, each minute, each hour as an opportunity to learn
something new.
I am an example of physical, emotional and spiritual health.
I am in a state of constant learning.
I study our history and culture to be able to understand our people.
I listen to you and help you shape and discover your dreams.
These things we must do if we are to make this world a better place
for all people.

Closing Creed
I will be all that I can be.
I will settle for no less than the best I can achieve.
Because, yes, I am committed to being an African.
I am because we are,
And, because we are,
Therefore I am, and shall be.

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