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Sankofa Program Structure – Shas (to travel – Mdu Ntchr)

Sankofa Program Structure and Cultural Journeys
Sankofa is a 5-year program for students beginning no earlier than the 8th grade. The program is divided into five year-long components:

Kuangulia (Year 1)
Come to Attention
Builds the foundation of knowledge. Highlights Cincinnati’s African-American neighborhoods, African-American entrepreneurs and the economic joys and problems associated with business ownership
Wilberforce, Ohio
The National Afro American Museum
Kusoma (Year 2)
To Study
Introduction to critical thinking (Kupima Uzuri Wazo). Explores the Underground Railroad from Northern Kentucky to Canada.
Underground Railroad sites in Detroit, Michigan and Canada
Kazi (Year 3)
To Work
Introduction to Research. Investigates the Gullah and Geechee culture of those African-Americans in the Sea Islands who have preserved aspects of African culture.
South Carolina Sea Islands (Sapelo Island, Savannah, Georgia)
Kujenga (Year 4)
To Build
Develops and executes a project. Studies the culture of Ghana, West Africa, and culminates with a trip to Ghana.
Ghana, West Africa
Kuongoza (Year 5)
To Lead or Direct
Leadership development.
There is no Shas component

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Program Structure & Cultural Journeys
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